the mojb files
2006-09-27 07:28:56 (UTC)

MEN:The Everlasting Mystery

I don't believe I will ever truly know anything about the
opposite sex and/or why I feel the need to be wanted by
them as much as I do. Find me someone who does know, and
I mean REALLY know and I will give you 100$. I make this
bet because I guarantee that no one out there who can even
begin to draw a vague definition of who men are, what they
mean, and what they want. The root of my frustration in
this area simply stems from the fact that I am sick and
tired of trying to bend my way around what men really
want. I know no two people are alike therefore to lump
all men into one category is just ludacris, but maybe you
could all just agree on a set of guidelines for us women
hoping to semi understand your gender to follow!