I Debbie...
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2006-09-27 01:39:40 (UTC)

Weekend Part Three

I also don't get dad. Okay like that shouldn't surprise
anyone. but, make a big hairy deal about wanting to
take Mike's girlfriend out for dinner why because Mike
can't or whatever. And then to say they were taking her
out to dinner that night and end up surprise surprise at
the same place we got take out from after saying they
couldn't come over for dinner with us...I mean come the
hell on. Its like a Seinfeld episode. That was why Charlie
edged the time up so we could have dinner and give them
time to have their dinner. And then for mom to call to say
they were going to be late knowing that the babies would
be getting tired. Wouldn't you want to see them not to
mention me and Brian, like Gayle said. I don't think Mike
even cared about the kids at all. Back on him Joe made a
really good point about Mike. Saying that in the event mom
or dad died he would then go ask Charlie for help. Of
course Charlie tried to say Mike wouldn't. But I reminded
her that she even said the only reason she knew about
Bella before I did was because she was in town and able to
help when he wasn't around. Its called passing the buck in
political terms. Do you really think I would want to be
around that kind of crap for Thanksgiving? I mean Charlie
and Joe and group is one thing, But ...hell I don't know.
That is one thing I feel deprived about. Holidays. The
real meaning not the two hour get it all in and then go to
your seperate corners thing.

I Debbie

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