I Debbie...
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2006-09-27 01:30:21 (UTC)

Weekend Part Two

Then there was my family. Mike is and always will be an
ass. He may be a brilliant vet but as a member of the
human race he is the most egotistical and self involved
perso I have ever met. Yah he was abused as a kid. So was
I. Yah he had to deal with two parents who were very
demending and perfsctionistic. But I had the same set of
parents and I go out of my way to be nice to people rather
than make them feel like they aren't worth the dirt on my
shoes. I don't think it is a generational thing. Though at
times I get the same feeling from some of the young punks
I work with. But I think that is just a maturity thing. I
know Mike had to cope with the way mom and dad treated him
in some way, but at least I don't act like an ass. I gave
him a check for his graduation. Hell I haven't given him
much of any gift for anything in a while but I thought he
deserved it after that kind of success. He said he didn't
know anything about a check and instead of acting like a
normal person would he said don't worry about it. Okay if
that was me I would have been embarressed about loosing a
gift from someone. Then would have accepted a replacement
check. And then when Jenni his girlfriend asked what that
was about he said I don't know. Like I was a blithering
idiot. Or a drunk. Every time he looks at me I feel like
he is judging me. I don't care about that except that I
know he is not better than me. I don't think of him like
that. I wish if he was going to act like that he wouldn't
even come around. He is repeating the same pattern that
Uncle Chuck did in so many ways. And he is going to
alienate more people than Chuck did and sooner. Joe is
right. He won't go far in business acting like he does.
And what the hell is Jenni doing with him. She is so nice.
And he really is a self congratulating ass.

I Debbie