I Debbie...
2006-09-26 13:21:33 (UTC)

Weekend Part One

The weekend visiting with my family including my new niece
Vita was okay. Ups and downs as per usual. Getting to meet
Vita and bond with her and Macci were among the highs. She
had a swimming lesson at the YMCA on Saturday and Charlie
and I went to pick up the cake for mom's birthday thingy
which gave us the chance to talk. As did the party give us
the additional chance for Charlie , Joe, and I to talk. I
think I am using alot of run on sentences but at this
point I am just trying to get this all down. Anyway, my
family is really bizarre. I mean we are all so odd with
our quirks and buttons we all push. I don't get it at
times why we had to end up this way and why the two people
Charlie and I married ended up to be so similiar. Not in
personality exactly. Both guys are really laid back and
enjoy their family time which extends to their lineage
family. Both of them are driven to do this like if they
don't keep conecting then something is not going to
flurish. I don't think it is wrong not to see your family
every couple of months. If it is feasable then okay but it
shouldn't become a stressor financially or otherwise. The
dif between need and compulsion. But anyway. Joe told me
they traveled to see his family about 6 times a year. Okay
they have two small kids. Yah I don't remember seeing our
gparents that many times and I don't feel deprived of
something. The quality of the visit was what made the dif.
Just because you are in the same room as someone doesn't
mean you are experiencing a connection. Yah okay we may
have found another bond on a missed visit but wht is to
say that we were deprived. I think that is just a
perception made by someone who is trying to validate
something. Like the why of 6 trips. That is like every two
months. That doesn't even get into other trips or times
people come to see you or just down time weekends. There
is a need for that. Just time to be quiet. Sometimes I
think that some people like Ch and J have to be busy. I
like to be busy and have a purpose but I value the non
times. There has to be a balence.

More Later

I Debbie