Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2006-09-26 10:21:05 (UTC)

romance isn't dead

"you piss me off less than most people my love"

I don't know, but thats always been my most favorite
of things to say to a signifigant other when I'm
slightly miffed at her.

however, I've not said that to any in years.. it's
been so long since I've been in love with someone I
wonder why I haven't been again. The answer is simple,
I have really low self esteem, and I'm an asshole,
and sometimes I'm neither.

I'm typically surrounded by women, on my livejournal
if you counted, it would number 3 or 4 to 1 to males
on my friends lists, and of those guys, they're just
as whiney about girls as I am, except shea shea and
my bro..

So, why is it, that no matter the number of gorgeous
women, and actually it's funny, I only have beautiful
women on my lj, there isn't a single ugly one on there,
and they are all blazingly intelligent, that I can't
get a date. I mean, they have friends, most of them,
but I'm too shy, and when I'm not being shy, I'm being
obnoixious and loud trying to impress everyone I over
shadow any good that would be of any benefit to the
sad dating life I have.

But.. all is not lost. when the right one come alongs
and I don't blow it by not asking her out for drinks,
or not follow her from the train when she looks back
and smiles a whistful smile in my direction, when she
lightly touches my arm and says "hey, you're funny and
I like you", when that happens..

I shall romance her to within an inch of her life.

So. I guess, I'll wait and wait, and wait. And one day
I'll get off my ass, and stop waiting, and just do. Just
go out on a limb, and be bold.

I can be bold. I am bold. I'm a realist. I love loving
women who are strong, resiliant, caring, witty, funny
and those who can endure.

Romance isn't dead. It just needs a reason to come out.