more human than human
2006-09-21 23:47:10 (UTC)

people suck.

Well, I just got fired from Timothy's World Coffee. The
only thing about it that I find upsetting will be the lack
of free drinks. Especially the smoothies and the Chai
lattes. I mean, DAMN, they have the best chai in town. If
I ever get a milk frother I'm going to buy a giant can of
that shit. I'm not surprised though. They think I stole
money to the sum of $140, which I'm sure anyone who knows
me will find laughable. They never SAID that was why they
were letting me go, just that "they decided it wasn't
working out." What a goddamn joke. Anyways, no real point
in looking for a new job at this point; I start my
clinical in less than 8 weeks anyways, so I was planning
on quitting that shithole.

On a COMPLETELY different subject....

wait, I have no other subject.