Nick's Journal
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2006-09-20 19:09:34 (UTC)


what are two measly dollars worth to you? many peopel don't
really find this out...yet i was unfortunate enough to.
there i am checking my bank statement when i notice a $2 fee
for a "banker's phone call".
now quick background. i already hate my new bank; they
charge $4 a month for you to download their shit with
quicken so i have to manually enter it (talk about an anal
charge); they told me with a straight face that the $40
annual fee for my traditional ira will be waived once i have
$100,000 in the account....i'm in law school! i just worked
2 years and want to roll over my 401(k)...that's asking for
a punch in the face!
so the other day i go in asking them to print me a bank
statement so that i could verify my address for my credit
card application. i ask if there is a fee (cos i'm anal
like that) for all this and the rep says no. she staples
her card onto the app and says that "they can call her if
they need any further assistance." fine.
2 weeks later $2 on my account.
so on monday i had to catch the bus back in between classes.
i absolutely haul ass to make the 11:05 bus. it's a 10
minute walk and my property professor is still blabbering on
at 10:55. three red stop lights and 4 screeching tires
later i have to wait an extra 15 mins. for the next bus.
i finally get to my bank and of rep isn't here
today! but they'd be more than happy to have me meet with
the cock-sucker who is.
i sit down and we get into how i want my $2 back. he
actually starts to hint that maybe i should have asked if
the call itself would incur a fee. that's when this ensued.
"i asked if there was a fee for her to verify my address."
"yes well there isn't a fee for that, but there is one if we
have to make a call on your behalf."
"but she should have told me that!"
"yes, well we have the right to charge fees when they are
not diretly related to your account activity."
"I ASKED IF THERE WERE ANY can i ask a question i
don't know exists?" "how can i know to separately ask about
the phone call IF SHE OFFERS IT!"
"well, we are taking it off, but just please be advised."
sweet jesus.