I Debbie...
2006-09-20 01:00:53 (UTC)


I am going to work on my debts. If he gets into trouble
with his money then he gets into trouble with his money. I
am going to let him know that if he wants to save money
for his precious storm chasing then he is going to have to
put money aside for it by hjimself. The same goes for his
canoe trips and little side trips. I will give him money
each month but he is going to have to bugdet the money for
his crap. That goes for his fucking haircuts as well. I
will decide how much I give him at a later date.

If he is going to give me the responsability for paying
bills then he needs to give me the respect that is coming
to me. No more of this half assed only when he wants to
admit it crap. Period. Or I am done...

Why am I driving myself crazy for someone who would rather
die a pauper than live up t his own expectations? Not to
mention others around him. I am not going to coddle him
and play up to his inability to respond as an adult would
in an adult world.

For pete's sake we haven't even paid our taxes and bills
from Tulsa. And he wants to keep spending like we have all
the fucking money in the world!!!!!

An Idiot in my midst!!!!!!!!!!

I Debbie