I Debbie...
2006-09-20 00:53:40 (UTC)

Forget It Because It Just Won't Happen

I need to just collapse into a big huge puddle and see if
I can melt away. Why can't people just fucking listen to
me. Do they think that I am just rambling for the sake of
rambling? Do they think that I will just dry up and blow
away. What is the point of trying to get ahead if I have a
numbskull who every time I try to tell him that we have
limited funds or dare I say a budget, the dreaded B word,
he can't seem to keep his hands off the money. He just
can't get a few necessary things at the grocery store, no
he has to get stuff for ruebens tomorrow. Now lets just
begin with the fact that I HATE ruebens. But in addition I
bought plenty of meat for this week so that I could
stretch the meals. Then he gets frozen pizza for dinner. I
have once again plenty of shit in the pantry. Do I stutter?
Was I slurring my words so he cou;dn't understand me. Or
maybe just maybe I am dealing with as many stubborn
baffoons at home as I am at work. Or maybe the same degree.
I mean I just can't catch a break. I come home and after a
work out I still fell frustrated because I feel like
people just don't get it. Don't want to or can't fucking
get it.;.l..;..!!!!!! I am so fucking fucking fucking
frustrated.!!!!!!! Does he care at all that we are in
debt. Or does he want to keepputting his head in the
fucking sand again and again??? California Hah!!!! Why not
try surviving anf tr hriving. i think I am going to start
hiding part of my check in an account for myself because
he just can't be trusted. That is so fucking Fucking
FUCKING sad. Pathetic.!!!!!! I live with a fucking two
year old. Worse because a two year old wouldn't have the
unimtelligence to make me sdo fucking fucking fucking

I Debbie or who the else would it be?????