48 shades of darkness
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2006-09-18 20:17:10 (UTC)

To late

I fuckin hate the way I feel
I fuckin hate that it is so real
All the things in my mind are taking a toll on my soul till
I can no longer handle the emotions that can not escape my
blackend heart in my chest that still seems to beat
I fucking have to leave, but it seems you are
I want you to but I want you to stay but it doesn't really
matter anyway cause you always say the things to make me
feel for you but they mean nothing when you are home and
sitting with me out and partying and with some people that
have no love like I do, but it is not love you are getting
from them its destructiveness of your self of your life and
your health
I fucking hate everything involved in what we have now, a
friendship that is just a front for what you really feel
but dont want to admit that it is so real,hiding in deep
inside tourturing yourself as you deny what you want to
have but making yourself confused by the demons inside.
I fucking hate all the lies
I fucking hate how I look in your eyes and can feel it from
you, but still not shown the truth inside, the love you
deny yourself and the happiness you could have but instead
hold it all back till its to late to take it back, too late
to have.... me