alone and adored
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2006-09-18 16:37:24 (UTC)

Grade 14

another year, another hardship. My fucking hand hurts. I
was riding the Triumph and I blistered my hand to shit
trying to pull in the clutch. Today at school was shit. I
was so tired and took no notes, didn't go to french
tutorial, pretty much slept in chemistry. I feel like such
a failure. I have no belief in myself what so ever. I cant
be bothered to study and get help when I need it. What the
hell is wrong with me. Ive decided that if your parents
are really successfull and smart and rich, you are doomed
to be a fucking waitress for the rest of your life. I'm
calling it the law of alternation of generations. (a
little plant bio for you there). I have no idea why I cant
get off my ass and start doing things for myself. I'll
never get anywhere with my shit attitude about life and
yet I cant make myself study and get help. I wold rather
fucking whittle away 3 hours on the computer or infront of
the TV than try to figure out chemical nomenclature and
ace my assignment. Its the second week of classes and I
dont even have all my books. I need a wake up call.
seriuosly. before I graduate with a c and try to find and
actual job. I chalk myself up as a french speaking
botanist. but at this point I'll be lucky if I work at
Starbucks for the rest de ma vie. I'm so pissed at
everything, toda especially. SHIT on a STICK. My life is
going to be shit.

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