My Ruined Reputation
2006-09-17 18:18:38 (UTC)

Not Too Shabby

I'm in a good mood. haha, I don't really know why, but I
woke up feeling really happy today. On Friday I went to
Oceanside with a couple people I just randomly met and it
was really fun. And they so gave me $30 for gas even
though it only takes about $10 to get from here to
Oceanside and back. But I'm not complaining. Yesterday I
was supposed to have drama rehersals but when I got there
the drama room was locked...So I went home and went back
to sleep. Then Jasmin called me and woke me up and we went
into town and hung out and shit. We got bored so we saw
The Black Dahlia. It looked like it was gonna be really
good on the previews, but it sucked. I was bored through
most of it. The last part was kinda interesting, but it
was really confusing. Keeping track of the people was
kinda hard. Basically, some chick is murdered and the guy
who's on the case ends up being obsessed with her, and
then he meets a girl that looks like the one who died and
they end up messing around and blah blah blah...Eh, it was
ok. But I wouldn't go see it again.

...I want a bagel...