48 shades of darkness
2006-09-17 08:43:29 (UTC)

History repeats itself and its..

History repeats itself and its not in a good way.There are
some good times and plenty of bad.Just like before I am the
fool for falling again into the trap of love, it never
really went away and you said the same, but when sober you
change your plan. I should have learned from the first time
around youre still the same in some of your evil ways. I
cant bear it anymore I cant take it so I walk out the door
to look back and see myself getting lost in these emotions
that should not be there,but because of you they returned
though I told myself they will never again arise. I hate
myself for falling again I hate myself for thinking you
really changed, you really speak the truth, but its just
the alcohol talkin and not you. I must move on past this
once again, though it is hard to forget such love I must
save myself from the hearache even if I have to not look
into your pasionate eyes not see your radiating smile see
such beauty before me and even speak a single word again.