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2006-09-14 17:56:39 (UTC)

DYLAN and stuff

SO me and Dylan are still together, it was our 4 month
anniversery on sept. 5, which also happened to be my
birthday so hey, no bad timing lol... anyways yeah not tons
of stuff new right now. Turns out i am 7 weeks pregnant. me
and dylan are having some conflict about that, i want to
keep the baby, and well he doesnt. which i understand but
at the same time he has to understand whats going on in my
mind. which isnt sexactly his fault that he doesnt cause
you know me im not reallie good at talking to people when
it comes to what i want and why and that kinda things so
yeah i dont know i guess i just have to try to talk to him
about it. anyways i reallie like the name Amaethyst for a
girl and for a boy i dont know but i think if we had a boy
Kyle would be the middle name cause thats dylans middle
name. But thats all for now i reallie should get going im
at school right now and im pretty sure i should be working
on something...
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