Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-09-12 08:13:41 (UTC)

money making 101

I need to figure out what I'm doing. Where
I'm going, and what it is that I'm really
good at, as opposed to doing not much at
all, aside from wondering what it is that
I could be doing other than nothing..

and it occurs to me, that I'm good at ideas.
I have a hundred of them, all of them involve
business and most them are completely reasonable
and within the scope of my realm.

House flipping - real estate

Online webstores - e-commerce
Publishing a WebComic

Gothic/Fetish Wear - Fashion

Tattoo/Peircing shop - Retail
Bookstore; New & Used
Internet Cafe & Arcade
Video & Used computers

Producer/Director - Film
Script Writer
Indie Flicks
Storyline Porn

I could probably rattle off a doen or so more.
I could do any of those things, and I know I'd
be good at it. I have no idea. Fucking hell,

I'm always an idea person, I have awesome ideas
and I have good plans and then people would
flake off on me.