Nick's Journal
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2006-09-10 17:03:48 (UTC)

Are you ready for some Football!!!

the football season is upon us and now is officially when i
begin failing out of law school. it's my second year doing
fantasy football and i'm insane about it...i have to leagues
and i actually got up early today to make sure i have the
best lineups started.
i no longer have a favorite team (now that my niners are a
laughable mess and even if they turn-around, they're just
not the same) but i'm intrigued by so many things. like...
will brett favre finally age 45 years on field and get
crushed into a pile of dust?
will t.o. cause bill parcells to blow a blood vessel in his
brain and subsequently stuff a football up drew bledsoe's ass?
will reggie bush rebuild new orleans?
and will the texan fans rip their owners limb from limb?
how about those poor, poor, poor, houston texan fans. they
took demario williams? i mean nothing against him, i'm sure
that he will probably do great, but come on. when you have
a potetional superstar like reggie bush on the line...ugh!
haha and i just saw the name of the dude starting for the
texans...wali lundy....who? that's right! domanick davis
blew out his knee or something like that. so now instead of
oh man. how can you still be a texan fan?
and of course there is the ever enjoyable line of
newscasters on cbs. time brown...dan marino...they coke-up
shannon sharp...and the (unbelievably)hilarious boomer
esiason. they act like a dysfunctional family the whole way
through. a lot of people didn't believe me when i said that
he called out dan marino on television...well thanks to
youtube i now have proof!
the face of dan marino at the end of that clip is one for
the ages!
but that's enough of the pleasantry. what are your pics
nick? well i'll tell you.
NFC East: Washington Redskins...well why? oh just a little
reason called clinton know, once he gets taht
shoulderr back in place..oh man my fantasy season is going
NFC West: Seattle, because seriously? who else?
NFC North: Chicago. Brett favre will have a heart-attack
on field and the vikings will get locked up again. who's
the other threat? the lions? ahahahahahaha!
NFC South: I want New Orleans because of Reggie Bush and
all that, but let's get real. Carolina is up there again
AFC East: psht. Patriots! did you see daunte culpepper
blow it again? it's gonna be deja vu all throughout the season.
AFC South: you know that peyton manning has to make it to
the playoffs to blow it son!
AFC West: ugh i hate this division. i don't really follow
any of the teams and i hate the broncos (what a mundane
team) so i'm going with kansas city out of spite!
AFC North: one of the best divisions in my opinion. i
really don't know. but my gut is telling me the
steelers...why? well have the bengals gotten all of their
players out on bail yet? that's why
AFC Champ: Patriots...this is the season where peyton
manning kills one of his offensive linemen and we have
another superstart trial
NFC Champ: this is a real toss-up but it's going to be
Seattle just because they have a chip on their shoulder and
their defense is a lot better than anyone believes.
Superbowl: please...Patriots.
now why am i huggin' the patriots nuts again? well sometime
last season i softened up to them. i remember vividly
HATING them the season before. i wanted the eagles to win
so badly and i waas so bitter. and then...well then all the
shit happened last season. they lost so many players and
EVERYONE started hating them. that's when i jumped ship.
so i guess if i'm closest to having a favorite team, this
must be it.

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