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2006-09-09 20:35:41 (UTC)

Kristen Breitweiser

There was this thing on Larry King Live last night (I
still dislike Larry King, but sometimes really like the
show, go figure) that sort of juxtaposed the best and the
worst of human nature all at once. The first part was a
bit about Germaine Greer, who apparently made some choice
comments about Steve Irwin and how he wasn't as great as
all that in his treatment of the animals he was known for
being involved with. I didn't see all of this portion of
the show, so can't speak for the entier segment, but I can
say this. No matter if it were the truth or not, this was
not really the time to voice those concerns. As one of
the friends of Steve Irwin said, "Germaine must have
another book coming out soon or something." That sort of
things really makes me upset. There is a time and a place
and this was certainly not the time or place, not even a
week after the man's death.

Following that was something even more unreal to me.
Everybody's heard of Anne Coulter, I suppose, but until
last night, I don't think I've ever actually seen a
picture of her. I've heard all about her, but it never
sunk in to me that she's a pretty young person, when it
comes right down to it. As angry as I was at the segment
on Steve Irwin, I was just stunned into speechlessness at
this thing involving Anne Coulter. Larry King's guest was
a woman by the name of Kristen Breitweiser, who lost her
husband when the World Trade Center towers collapsed.
She, along with other women who lost their husbands,
pressured the government for a commission to investigate
the events surrounding that day, etc. The vile,
vitriolic, assinine crap that I heard coming from Anne
Coulter's mouth was so absurd as to be almost
unbelievable. The thing is, almost none of it made any
sense, at least nothing past low-brow playground insults
that can be hurled by anyone at any time to get a reaction
and provoke a response to accusations and insinuations
that are flagrantly off-base, in bad taste and
underhanded. And, amazingly, it seems that Ms. Coulter
can turn the act of breathing into a liberal/left-wing
point on the agenda. Really unbelievable. I guess,
however, if you wear short little dressed to show of nice
long legs and let your lovely blonde hair grow long enough
to flow almost to the bottom of your short little dress,
it doesn't really matter how ugly the things coming out of
your mouth or how insensitive or how bizarre. Wow, I was
sort of floored.

But you know what? Kristen Breitweiser deserves a round
of applause. She never got upset when hearing these
things (including something to the effect of "why should
we listen to these women, how do we know their husbands
weren't going to divorce them anyway?" - WHAT a fucking
thing to SAY!!!!!!!). Her voice never wavered or raised.
She never lots her composure. She never lost her
concentration or got pulled into a side-tracking debate,
she never retaliated or hit back too low. Even if Ms.
Coulter was 100% right and Ms. Breitweiser was 100% wrong,
Ms. Breitweiser looked far and away the more credible,
informed, intelligent, lucid, agreeable, rational and
grounded person, among other things. And on top of that -
she is far more correct than Ms. Coulter will ever be,
especially if the latter insists on continuing to act as a
diversionary mouthpiece and right-wing hatchet job

You know what? I'm amending that last sentence. Take out
right-wing. She's just a hatchet job perpetrator, period,
one who isn't very inventive, creator or as sexy, alluring
or appealing as she seems to think she is, given what I've
seen of her, anyway. There are many people who believe
she's a mouthpiece, representative, diversionary tactic
for the right-wing, and they may be right, but the way I
see it, she just makes everyone look bad. She looks bad
for acting like a fool. She makes the right look bad when
people believe she represents it. She makes the left look
bad when she draws it into incendiary, waste-of-time
debates over points that don't deserve the time of day.
And...I feel like I look bad for giving her so much
thought and time and effort in a space that is reserved
for my own private thoughts and feelings.

So that's it. No more on bloody hatchet-job Anne Coulter
(and I don't care, by the way, if I have launched personal
attacks, she doesn't seem to mind launching attacks of
similar tenor, and well, I'm clearly not above it and that
doesn't bother me right now, either). I had been planning
on titling this entry "Anne Coulter" but that would just
be too much like legitimising and acknowledging she has
some merit. So no. That is so it. Besides. The title
of this entry is really far more appropriate and far more
on point to where really want the attention drawn,
whether or not the rest of the entry shows that.

I won't say any more on her, but I will say this, to bring
me back on point: Kristen Breitweiser, thank you for
taking the high road. Thank you for showing class and
restraint and a certainty of purpose in the face of these
attempts to derail you from your message, your purpose and
your beliefs. You, Kristen, deserve a big round of
applause and heartfelt congratulations.

So from me to you, though you'll never read this, let me
say it right now: Thank you and congratulations for
staying the course and being courageous enough to force
people's eyes open just a little bit more, in the face of
so many levels of adversity.


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