Lunactic Scriptures
2006-09-08 02:54:44 (UTC)


i think i can remember a time when i felt pretty good.
but stuff's allright so how you think that i should.
but keep in mind that my job sucks ass.
and i still shell 45 bucks for gas.
my girl's not here, no she's way over there.
and i question whether we even care.
stuck inside again and trying to get out.
and as i try to climb i want to scream and shout.

life here is to focused on the future of our lives.
so the present time is wasted and i don't feel alive.
i'd like to take a tour of what we get to miss.
everyday a new place, wouldn't that be bliss?
though maybe what i want is what i threw away.
i just thought it was out here, and i'm looking everyday.
who knows? i just want to be able to enjoy what i got.
and not make regrets and to give my best shot.

i'm the biggest star seen on fangoria mag.
and everybody tries to go and copy my tag.
all my friends enjoying a good fucking time.
in between our time on set we kick back and make rhymes.
in between shows we go out to tour.
and kick crazy flips like a ninja maneuver.

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