The Up's and Down's
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2006-09-07 22:11:40 (UTC)


At first you were always on my mind.
Memories of us constantly on rewind.

We changed and now nothing is the same.
Not even my feelings for you remain.

You still say you love me but now I see through the smoke;
You mended my heart but who is left after we broke?

The thoughts of you still occur but they've changed from
my desire to be with you.
The memories fade after all we've gone through.

Suspicions used to fill my head,
they still exist but the caring has been put to bed.

I can still feel your touch, feel your kiss,
but they aren't something I miss.

I used to think you were the reason my sun was brighter
but now I know;
I just wanted you to be the reason, I wanted you to create
my fantasy, I'm left hurt and disappointed, I'm better
without you, I know so.

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