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2006-09-07 21:35:23 (UTC)

unexpected happenings (poem)

by Distorted images

Watch the girl so closely
she was the apple of your eye
you talked of her so boldly
but she always seemed to cry
Is there a problem there
or is she just scarred
her eyes brown and skin so fare
all pain and worries she bared
maybe you missed something
or did she hide it from you
you gave her her mothers ring
but she still seemed so blue
you are her only guardian
and yet she hides her words
you try to dig in her heart an'
she only flips you the bird
now she's acting deranged
with morning bouts of sick
her appearance is slowly manging
and words becoming thick
you realized what has happened
the changes all make sense
you couldn't do anything to stop 'em
for your daughter has become pregnant