I Debbie...
2006-09-07 12:46:40 (UTC)

My Non-Existance

Okay so I can't spell it. But I know what it means. For
the second time in a week I got into bed with Brian.
Sounds simple, right? And for the second time he seemed
repulsed to even be in bed with me. Hell I am his wife. I
shouldn't be surprised really. Hell sex with him quite
frankly grosses me out. I haven't had it since New Years
Eve. But I am just talking about laying next to him with
my clothing on. It felt good. Nice. Relaxing. He told me
this morning that I had all the covers. So get more
instead of laying there dumbass. Or better yet snuggle in
with me and get some for yourself. Don't act like I just
took your beloved teddy bear.

I told him I wouldn't do it again. Maybe I need to find
another big pillow to cuddle up to instead of trying to
fit into his form. Maybe I should just quit trying to be a
sweet person and just not even care.

I Debbie