The Up's and Down's
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2006-09-07 09:54:05 (UTC)


Wait for the one man who will capture your heart and hold
it in safe keeping, who will put his heart on his sleeve,
who will look into your eyes and fall in love with every
dimension they contain.
Wait for the man who will wait for you to reveal every
secret you keep locked behind the door to your soul. Wait
for the man who will hold your hand in his and the act can
show exactly how he feels about you. The one who never
ceases to surprise you and knock you off your feet with
every passionate kiss.
Never settle for a man you can live with, wait for a man
you can't live without. Wait for the man who is safely
dangerous and with his lips on your cheek, can prove
through actions like few seem to do that you're the woman
who skips his heartbeat.

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