Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2006-09-06 22:26:38 (UTC)

After A Long Time

I'll try to fill in as much space as possible here to
catch up. Basically I left my lite touch job to find a way
to make more money. It turns out I got re-hired there and
then quit it for the final time when managment changed, oh
well. Martha and I are still together by the way. I went
to Panama City Beach in Florida with my brother and two
friends. We stayed 4 days and took the malibu to get
there. It was very beautiful there and I even got to
revist some old places in my childhood also. I hit level
60 with my rogue in warcraft not too long ago finally, now
I'm working on my priest. My grandma traded her old
station wagon for a pet horse. She named it Pricilla, and
it's a very pretty black stallion. My pet turtle doubled
in size since I found him last year. My fishes, dog, and
fish are also doing just fine. My cat died... :( Sure do
miss her. Everything is falling into place now that summer
is almost at an end. My next goal is to find a way to make
large sums of money for my family and self. I think I may
try an e-bay business to get started. Anyways, that pretty
much is everything big going on in the past. There's a lot
of stress hovering over-head, (mine) but things always
seem to work out somehow, and my faith keeps me going
strong. I'll be back again someday, thats all for now. OH
right, did I mention Robert broke up with his girlfriend?
He did, now he's found a whole new pandoras box of trouble