Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-09-05 23:18:10 (UTC)

Media Mania

"Fucking pagan. Tell your god to ready for blood."

Al Swearengen; Deadwood, Season 3

I've recently downloaded and watched the entire
series of Deadwood, which I had avoided many moons
beforehand owing to the issue of me simply not
liking westerns. It did have Ian Mcshane as Al
Swearengen, in it, who did Lovejoy way back in
the day, and I loved him in it.

I love him in Deadwood. And it also makes me
realize I have a very long road ahead of me if
I want to be able to write stories with long
sweaping plotlines and such. Makes me almost want
to skip going to the Vancouver film school, let me
tell you.

Couple of decent tv shows coming, FarGate is being
canceled, I always like stargate and of course they
cancel it just when claudia black and ben browder are
so cool in it. bastards. The second season of Prison
Break started but I'm really unimpressed by it.

I dunno, I think with the exception of battlestar
galactica this fall, there are might slim pickings.

we'll see though.