The neverending nightmare
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2006-09-05 18:12:05 (UTC)

give me advice

o god....back to school once again!!!! im in 11th grade
this year!!!! only two more years left for me!!! ~yay~ i
cant believe this summer went so fast!!!! i had a shitty
ass summer though!!! between moving to a new house, livin
out in the boonies now with nothin to do, and never bein
able to go to town to see my friends, it was gay as hell!!!
allthough there were a few times that were good....like my
16th birthday and gettin drunk wit my sis and best friend,
and goin to sandcastle wit the whole crew, gettin drunk
every other weekend wit carissa, and writin bac and forth
with mark all summer!!! yea he's bac in lock up and has
been for a while now, but he should be gettin out next
month!!!! ~yay~ for jozelynne...i guess!!!! him and her i
guess "love" each other!!! yea right...i bet shes just
another peice a ass for him!!!! o well for her....shes
stupid as hell!!!! but i love him and i always will!!!!
enough bout that......

me and my best guy friend, abe, wanna go bac out...the only
problem is that im not sure that if we break up over
somethin big this time that were still gonna be friends!!!
even though he promosed me on his grandmas grave and his
and my life that we'd always be friends cuz of all the shit
we been through!!!! i mean he knows everything about me,
from me and mark, to me and carissa, and me cheatin on
guys!!!! i mean he knows all my stories(even the real bad
shit that went down wit me this summer) and he still wants
to go out wit me!!! i mean that tells me that he really
like me!!!!!

i dunno i need some advice so please send me an e-mail and
tell me wat u think i shout do about all this mad shit!!!!
[email protected] or www.myspace.com/4bootylicious20

til then.......and thankx

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