Where Life Leads
2001-03-05 07:08:28 (UTC)

Okay well I have been reading..

Okay well I have been reading some other peoples entries
and I have decided I better tell you guys about myself.
Name: Elizabeth Ann Wilson
Age: 20
Marital Status: Engaged (you will hear all about this)
Lives: Eumundi, Queensland, Australia
Pets: My gorgeous Staffy "Ziggy"
Work: I work for an animal refuge here in Australia.
Email Addy: [email protected]
ICQ: 97075031
Looks: If you want to know you can have a look at my
fiances web page http://home.dal.net/delusion

Well that is all I really need to say about myself
regarding me.

I am not a really exciting person but recently I have
become more outgoing and I have been doing things that I
would never of thought of or knew about 5 yrs ago. Lets
just say I am no longer a little good girl I have grown up
and I have been experiencing what the world has to offer.

Ta Ta