soul survivor
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2006-09-04 04:40:20 (UTC)

Everything is finally flling into place

Dear Journal

Everything that i believed in is finally falling into
place. I have a great man that loves me and wants to be
with me. No matter what this man truly loves me.
This past year 1/2 we've been through so much together.
This boy ha forgiven me for everything that i've done to
him. i've cheated on him and thought about leaving him, I
finally realize that who else is going to put up with my
shit, and my pyscho-ness. Seriously, cameron has been
there for through thick and thin and i absolutely
appreciatte that. I know down the road he will be there
for me no matter what happens to me. Even if i got burned
and i lost my goodlooks. He loves me for me and
appreciates me. I know that i have a wonderful life to
look forward with him. Cameron Reid is my soulmate. We
have a connection and we understand eachother.

Kale he left me when i needed him the most. I told Cameron
what happened in my past. Cameron excepts that cause that
was in the past. Just as long as i don't do that him. I
would never do that to him. I LOVE HIM WAY TO MUCH.

I just feel so protected with him and i feel so free with
him. He lets me be me and doesn't expect me to act like
someone else. He wants me to be myself and i can be myself
around him. With Cameron i i haven't lost myself with him.
He and i are total opposites. I'm so happy to find
someone to love and love me too.
Loves this boy so much.
i believe that cameron and i can live a great life
together. Cause i want all the good thing in life. He
knows that i have expensive taste in thing. it can't be
helped!! and he knows that.

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