Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
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2006-09-03 05:15:23 (UTC)

Sexy man at the Station

Okay so i work at the Station, and there is this guy
who comes in everytime i work. He's about 5'10, carmel
brown, full lips, faded, sexy goatee. He comes in every
weekend. He reminds me of TI (Clifford Harris the rapper).
I think that rapper is the only person i know i would have
an affair with on my fiance but....that accent, that cute
scar under his lips . He'd forget all about that chick and
for one night i would completely for get about my man. But
back to this dude, he was coming in where i work in the
evening and each time i worked i could see him. The i didnt
see him for like a month, he is like the highlight of my
workday. So a couple of weeks ago he came in and i was like
hey...where you been? he was like they switched my schedule
im working nights now. i was like oh. so the next week he
came in the morning...and now he comes in the morning and i
get to see him. I think he is so freaking sexy the things i
see my self doing to him if he could get in my head he'd
blush:). I dont know what it is about him. Today he was
like how you doing sexy, i think i was blushing. He always
come in when im eating, lol. But i was like im good how are
you. I didnt want to stare at him him or keep looking at
his. he asked me about school, and told i was almost done
with it. he asked me what i was studying i told him. I know
i have a man, and i can look as long as i dont touch. and i
know he was a woman he must....he came in the his baby a
few times gorgeous baby. so i know he going home to
someone, but i want one night with him inside of me....he
has a swagger...I want him. If i was one of those
scandaleous chicks i wouldnt give a care about my man or
his chick and i'd seduce have him for a while and make sure
we both get off a couple times before the sun came up. I
try not to make eye contact with him too much because i
have this thing that when i look at people a certain way
they... will its wierd i think i could seduce damn near
anyone. When he called me sexy today i was like AWWWW MAN,
dont say that to me man. My mind all while he was in there
my mind was on impure thoughts. I swear my mind is the
devils playground i could see him sucking, licking, and
fuc*ing me so vividly, and i could see him exploding in
extasy with my legs wrapped around him. MAN I want him...i
want to feel his lips, his arms around me, him inside
me....its like pure lust and i think im infactuated with
him. The hardest part is i know i cant touch him...and i
dont know if he wants to test it to touch me. But i just
want him if only for one night.



WFT was i thinking i saw him again yesterday soooooo not
worth it. Talk about hindsight