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2006-09-02 05:15:45 (UTC)

i'm back

i've returned from FUCKING FLORDIA lol and i'm back to kick
ass and take numbers. well sort of. i'm not fully in a
residence yet but i will finally be on my own without
haveing to hang around with these fucked up parents anymore.
i appreciate all the people that have over the past tried
to help me through my fucked up life and now i am reeping
the benafits of actually getting some help with it. i will
now be able to get a car live on my own and all that other
bs that us growing peoples of this retched society have to
do. soon i will be looking for a collage or courses and a
job so i can fit in witht he rest of this mundain world and
live a "normal" life. well enough witht he bs i'm going to
try to get some money so i can actually have some fun wtih
out being carted off to a hospital or residential again.
i'm looking to try to contact all the remaining peoples that
are still willing to be my friend and what not. welp thats
it for today maybe more tomarrow

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