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The life of a young mom of three
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2006-09-02 01:19:53 (UTC)

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!!!!!

The 2nd is Matts birthday! he is the big two zero!!! whoo
hooo! LMAO. Yes I am still in school and have a job to all
the people who were wondering!I'm a senior class of 07'
baby! well anyway, Things have been getting really bumpy
around here specially with my dumb dumb sister who I don't
even claim anymore! Let me just add something she said.
Well my mom and her were fighting because she wanted to go
out and my mom couldnt watch her kids cause she has Kaden
on Saturday while i work...Heather said my kids always get
screwed over cause your always watching her child! Of
course my mom told her it was cause i was at work. So
heather( big smart one) says...She don't even need a job,
she doesnt have no family to raise...WTF IS KADEN!!!!!!!!
Well I disclaim her cause she just talks mad shit and i'm
tired of it.....but anyway...Me and Matt are on a "time to
think" period in life...No we are not broken up I just told
him I don't wanna be so "Into" my relationship right now I
just have so much more on my mind and to worry about. He
out in 4 months!! WHOO HOO! lmao...hopefully things will
get better ?!?! who knows. Well new topic again! Rashell
(my old girlfriend, still cool just not so close) Invited
me to her babyshower (lil girl due December- Jordan Rene)
But anyway, I don't think I'm going to go cause she didnt
come to mine and she promised me she would and she didnt
come cause of a girl I invited that she didn't like! So I
don't know if i'm going to hers...I prob will, I went to
Marys...Who is now 2 weeks overdue!! And Ashley my other
girly! (due April) wants me to help her plan hers, I'm like
its how many months away lmao! I know alot of my friend
have kids I'll list them!

Ashley (boy to be in april, Talyn)
Rachell (girl, Jordan Rene)
Kenny (boy Adorable Aiden)
Mandy( Boy, Bueatiful Nathan!!)
Alysha(Boy,CUTIE PIE Aiden)
Mary(Boy, Aiden)
Penny(girl Precise,Ri'lynn)
Roxy(girl Sweetheart, Mariah Adell)
Arielle(boy MY ANGEL!, Dante)
Michelle(girl to cute, Anastasia)
Rosie(girl to frickan Adorable, Leila)
Onalee(girl due March, nor sure on name)

Well, thats most of my friends lmao! I got tired of
writing! I believe thats all of them who have kids lmao! My
mommy friends! Crazy huh? Well I don't know I was just
bored! Lmao, Ending my entry now!!!


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