more human than human
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2006-08-31 02:57:44 (UTC)

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Chris and I just got our first evening alone (well, Scott
is in his room) in quite a while. I fucking miss
that...and now we're taking in more strays. Don't get me
wrong- I like the girl, and actually if she was moving in
as the third instead of forth, maybe it wouldn't be so
bad. But still - I miss these night. I miss cuddling on
the couch watching cheesy movies and just basking in the
glory of US...

Life's been like that recently. I've been tired and blah
and meh for a while. School's coming up, which meant I
spent almost $7000 today on
tuition/textbooks...arrrggggg...fuck do they rip us off. I
mean, $40/sem on "student activity" fees? the only fun
thing we really did this past yeat was a potluck where WE
brought all the food...what the fuck.


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