Nick's Journal
2006-08-30 12:46:00 (UTC)

My Baby

no i'm not a father. but my baby is still special to me.
she's my wife. 'they' say that you can't appreciate someone
until you've lost then but i wish to add an addendum to
that. you can't appreciate someone until you compare them
to all others.
that's the crux of this journal entry.
my baby is so much smarter than anyone i've ever had to
debate in law school, and it makes me so self-confident.
but she is so amazing at never letting me settle on an
opinion that i have no other choice but to re-re-re-think
anything i hold for an absolute truth.
she's amazing in every aspect, her interest in what i do
seems almost an over-whelming gift.
short of it being.
i'm straight raping people in law when it comes to
arguments...and i'm loving it.
i draw them into an argument against their will and i use
them for my own pleasure = rape.
i mean i defend women's rights with my arguments.
but let's be honest here.
my baby is amazing and i can only derive my own antagonistic
ability from her.
i love debating in law school because i love debating with her.
imagine. you have the world as your debate partner and try
to gleam a win every day.
then you debate against your puny county executives.
you have them by the balls...that's how i feel.