Complicated maiden

Complicated maze
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2006-08-29 00:47:52 (UTC)

Been awhile

Hello there I am writing again. Its bene awhile daphne and
I barely talk. I feel like Monica Is my best friend. I
really like Kurt like alot I think about him ALL DAY!!!
Lol he is so cute and sweet he wrote a poem... Here ill
post it:

I just want you
The real you
All your fears and bad habits
all of the emotional baggage
all of the demons and skeletons in the closet
because I don't care what it is you did yesterday
I don't care what everyone has to say
Because they don't know
I want to know
I want to know the real you
Your good side, your bad side
I want your naked soul wrapped in mine
Your true smile, your true tears
your true laugh, your true evil
your true good, your true self
Because without this,
I can't love you
because I don't know you
and I want to
I'll tell you everything that there is to know about me
if you do the same
we can forget about yesterday because yesterday doesn't
mean anything today
And we can live in peace and happiness
I know that I wasn't a good man before
but people can change
I just want you
and everything that comes with it

Yeah i love it, Fuck he is sexy!! Mwah, I hope we date I
dont know if he still likes me... I hope so...

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