Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-08-23 06:33:43 (UTC)

Running on empty

I can't imagine a reason why I'm updating so
much, you'd think I had something to say, or
perhaps that this is what happens when you
become uber bored.

The car, I had a fit of Road Rage the other
day and I ripped out the emergency brake cable
when I stopped the car to go and scream and
probably break this morons head. It was really
bad. But he took off, and I was soo pissed about
the brake I forgot about him, and so really
it was probably a good thing.

I haven't gotten that angry in a long, long time,
but with all the stress of the stupid people I
live with, I think it was just the blow up waiting
to happen.. I actually felt better later that
evening. I should probably thank the moron in
the car that cut me off, and nearly slammed
into me, getting that angry helped.

On a side note, my friend Thomas from East Berlin
YES, EAST FRAKING BERLIN! (he's really cool tho)
is travelling canada, he's quite fun, and for the
hell of it, if I don't get my student loans
re-instated, I'm going to meet him Calgary at
some point in november, and travel across canada
with him, all the way to that little place called

new brunswick. and stuff.

Thomas has been teaching me all kinds of cool
things to say in german, esp the more vulgar and
rude things. He thanked me yesterday, appearantly
the first 2 months he was here, he had trouble with
english but since hanging out with me, he's improved
about 10 fold, which is cool.

Maybe I should do the Tesol. nahhhhh.

In other news, I just finished watching 4 hours of
Black Lagoon, it's a must see, it will roxor your soxors.

Oh, and feckless wonders, die a horrible diseased death
and I hope your knee's wither and putrify before the
ash tree at the end of the world.

I had a date, she stood me up, yay. not. So now I've
sworn off trying to get laid, which is really all I
want, well I'm lying, I want more, I would take more
but I really don't have much left.