Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
2006-08-22 23:41:56 (UTC)

3 way

The main reason im so messed up is because certain things
have been happening that michael doesnt know i've been
paying attention to. How well say he'll call me back and
dont, earlier how he said he had just woke up and i can
tell he had been up for a while and not only that i thought
i heard a voice in the background again. Not too mention he
dont get my door and i call him more than he calls me. Im
afraid that when he gos out of town he is going to forget
about me....and the reggie will be here to help me forget
about him if that happens.

I was surprised at how respectful reggie is, he says yes
maam, and ms. We went to the store and he openned the door
for me. When he looks at me its like he is looking right at
me, like my michael does. Which scares me a lil.

I had to make him promise that because i know he likes me
and regardless of that im still michaels, that he cant trip
if he sees me with him. he promised me he wouldnt. like i
said people who like me like me hard. They're birthdays are
the same exact day how wierd is that. and they are so much
alike its crazy. reggie is just taller and he is more
sesual you know touchy feely. Which i like, it makes me
feel special. We like to feel like that.