Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
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2006-08-22 23:26:47 (UTC)

3 way trouble

i think im in trouble i mean for real real trouble. For the
past 3 days i have been comminicating with a friend of
mines i've known since grade school. He for lack of a
better phrase wants to fuck me mentally first and
physically second. I told him about my fiance a while ago
and he wasnt to happy at the fact that i was no longer
single but hey what can you do. As i was coming home from
work i saw this friend lets call him reggie. i gave him a
hug since i hadnt seen him a minutes and as i hugged him he
pulled me close and was like. I dont know what it is about
you, and i know you have a dude but if i cant have you as
my woman i need to have you as my friend. i was a lil
thrown by what he said but i was like Reggie im already
your friend. So basically he's like i know but i never talk
to you we dont hang out or nothing.

Later on: He called me and was like what you doing he was
in my area i was like nothing you know just sittin on the
porch so he was like can i see you i was sure im outside.
He came walking up to me. Let me describe him for a second.
6'6, medium build not skinny, basket baller size. Ball
headed, with dark eyes and facial hair. He is sexxxy i cant
even lie. I know my bay is sexxxy too. But he has a hood
sexxxy vibe to him. I cant see my bay as hard hood, i know
he can be and he is so sexy when he is all mad. But back to
reggie, he is like what women look at and wonder if he is a

I know what he does to feed his fam, and its not my place
to tell him what to do. As long as he is careful, and dont
put me in it or around it....i could careless.

This is what is going to get me into trouble, i have never
cheated on my Bay, and i dont plan on doing it. I haven't
cheated on anyone that i've been with. I dont lead people
on thats not me, its not how i am. When people like me for
some reason they like me HARD, like i put a spell on them
or some thing for a short time.

So me and reggie are sitting on the couch
talking and he's telling me that im too young to be engaged
and im like not im not. He's like you havent even lived yet
you too fucking sexy to be tied down to one person right
now. And that im too young to be even thinking about
marriage, im only 21, not even 22 yet. He kisses me, he
tells me what he wants to do to me. Things that my fiance
hasn't said. He wants to taste me....please me. And im like
why? Basically he's like because your deserve it. He got
down in front of me and put it down like, i know you have
dude to be honest i dont care i know you care thats your
bay but i dont. I would love to have you for myself, take
care of you, please you, just be with you, taste you wake
up with you, thats what i would like.

We dont have to have sex i just want to taste you. He told
me he thinks i'd taste sweet, and when he noticed my navel
ring he was like awww man thats so fucking sexy....your
just sexy as hell. Why he just noticed it then i dont knoe
i had on a short shirt all day.

On the phone the next day he was telling what he liked
about me...trying to cake.

Last night after the movie he was trying to kiss me and i
had to stop him. Im like this isnt right, we need some
rules or something. That cant happen. His lips are soft and
full and as he kissed me i felt bad. I made him stop. He's
like your grown why cant you do want you want to, stop
stopping your self. Im like yeah, i would if i was single
but im not. So i cant. So were are talking and he tells me
he wants me to leave with him tonight, that he wanted to
draw me a bath and all that good stuff. Im like i cant go
with you. Actually he wanted me to pack a bag and just
dip...i dont think i could do something like that unless i
was like living by myself and was single. If i were.
everything would be different and i wouldnt be cheating or
hurting anyone

No details-----

So today when i spoke to him, he was like what u doing im
like im with my mom going to the furniture store, he's like
what you doing later im like i might have class so we
talking and he's like i want to do something for you im
like what? He like i want you to come with me tonight, let
me take care of you i want to cook for your and draw you a

Im like that sounds so special, why would he waant to do
this for me. I had to tell him no agian.



you're wondering what happen huh. Nothing- I kept blowing
him off and i think he got the point. I only saw him around
in the summer, and nope we didnt keep in touch on the
phone. I say hi, when i see him out and about someplace but
nothing more nothing less. I think he got some girl
pregnant but im not sure.

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