Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2006-08-22 16:30:20 (UTC)


Ok, well...Everybody knows how Matt wore the wire and shit
right? Ok then we are all cought up if you don't dont start
reading this cause you won't understand. Well, My sister
had someone Slam into the side of her car with a
fourwheeler and When she got out the guy grabed ahold of
her arm and said are you the one dating *the nark* (cute
nickname huh?)And she was like no..So they was like o0o0o
i'm sorry and shit you know...So my sister didn't press
charges (moron). Well, LATER that day she went up to Gear
and Kayle's house and they told her that it was Ding Ding
and Yak that ran into her car..My sister says o i know...I
mean we know who they are! But as Kayle goes on...She says
that They thought it was me in the car thats why the
slammed into the side of it and grabed ahold of her?!?!?!
WHAT! They wanted to hurt me..Cause I"m dating the *nark*.
My sister tells me this and says "Its no big deal Nett" NO
BIG DEAL...They slammed into the backdoor of her
car...Everyone knows i have a child with Matt..Do they
think i would be driving around without Kaden in the car?
Or where they intintually trying to hurt me and kaden? I
mean I have gotten threats from people and shit. I don't
even go down Matts house no more cause of people driving by
and calling there saying and i quote "We're going to kill
the nark and hurt his family". I mean I never thought that
they would acctually SLAM into cars trying to hurt me? I
told my sister what if it was me? What if they woulda
slammed into the backdoor of my car with Kaden in it? I was
like I find NO reason for hurting a 6 month old!!! I mean
this is all over weed...Its not like a hardcore drug like
Crystal meth..I mean come on grow the fuck up! My sister
just doesn't understand..But i swear on everything i love
that I would KILL who ever hurt my 6 month old baby I told
her that and she was like no you won't "A mothers love"
isn't only a quote..Thats what i said. I just can't believe
th at people around here are sinking that low! And all my
sister can say is...Its no big deal?!?!?.....WHAT!