Nick's Journal
2006-08-22 05:49:18 (UTC)

This Dude in my section looks like Chris Parnell

today i went through my first day of law school classes and
i have to admit it was very enjoyable. well all of it
except for the 93 pages of criminal law i've been plugging
through the past 4 hours.
but something a lot worse than 93 pages of criminal law
happened to me today. in my legal writing class we were
paired to discuss what we expected out of the course. aside
from this being an inane and annoying nicety (obviously the
teacher had a hang-over and was just like, "fuck this shit,
they're gonna talk to each other, stupid motherfuckers,
where's my excedrin?")i had the problem of being paired with
a dude that looked EXACTLY like chris parnell.
now chris parnell has a face that makes me laugh...not in a
cruel way mind you, but just like in a 'damn this dude just
looks like he'd be funny' way. good if you're watching
saturday night live, bad if you're discussing the roles of
mandatory and persuasive authority in the construction of a
legal memo.
the guy was one of those "look, i'm obviously older than
everybody here but just give me a fucking break i'm trying
to make something out of my life before i suck down a pack
of cigarettes and gun down my employer at the post office"
demeanor, meaning that he was really intense and really
"into" the entire discussion.
my problem with this was that although he was uttering quite
insightful thoughts as to what he hoped to get out of legal
writing all i could hear was,
"snack attack mother fucker!"
i seriously bit the inside of my cheeks raw trying not to
chuckle as this dude started spouting his excitement for
being at law school. you know, i wonder if he knows he
looks exactly like chris parnell. i wonder if that really
sets him he's had 14 beers at the local bar and
some dude comes up to him and says something like,
"let's go to magnolia and mack on some cupcakes"
and he just lays them out with a pool cue.
which brings up an interesting question.
would you rather be someone completely mediocre (you know
like how all applebee's waiters/waitresses all look the same
and all frat brothers look the same) or would you rather
look like someone like chris parnell. or sayyyyyyy joel
lieberman? i mean would the constant annoyance of assholes
coming up and being like, "hey you look like so and so" be
worth more the recognition over fading into the masses of
i don't know about that. it's kinda tough. course then
again you can't really choose that anyhow. but either way
it's kind of interesting.
tomorrow is day 2. and i hope to god i don't get paired up
with chris parnell again.