2006-08-22 05:01:30 (UTC)


Lots of thinking done and to do. Lots of work done and to

Came back from the Dells a few days ago. I was vacationing
for a short while with Chris. Now I came back ready to
pull 9 shifts straight. Just came back from a single now,
going in for a double tomorrow and the day after. Atleast
I had time to register for my NEW CLASSES THIS SEMSTER!!!
Very excited about that. Also payed for them as well. So
it's finalized. Now if I could just find a deal on books,
it would be even better. Still have time during the day so
I might just make that time for myself, or I'm thinking
about registering for a 200 class. Photography, individual
projects... although, I still haven't taken color. Would
lov to do that. Need to find me camera, think it stolen or
lost, although who knows. Need more sleep so maybe write
here next week/ month. Dang