Random (boring) Thoughts
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2006-08-21 02:20:17 (UTC)


I am moving tomorrow morning, and I am seriously
distressed about it.

It's not so much the act of moving itself: I'm pretty used
to that. After 2 years in college and working in
Philadelphia during the summer, I figure that I move
around 6 times per year.

I'm also not nervous about the fact that I'm going back to
school. After two years, there's pretty much nothing that
College can throw at me that I haven't already seen. I
kick ass at school: I'm not nervous about that.

No, I'm actually more nervous about the fact that 6 times
per year, all my worldly posessions are gathered into one
place, namely the back of my car.

You see, I am what you call "accident prone." While this
is normally uncomfortable for me, it is especially so now
that all my stuff is gathered in my car.

I have this overwhelming fear that I will hit a moose and
swerve off the road. My car will then burst into flames,
destroying all my worldly posessions (which is sad because
I have some pretty bitchin worldly posessions).

It's not the most likely scenario, but then again, neither
his getting hit by a parked car. This is just the type of
weird shit that seems to happen to me. You can't blame me
for being nervous.

So, tonight, I will have to take a few sedatives to get to
sleep. Tomorrow, I will drive carefully but quickly to
school, hoping that the lord of the universe who obviously
has it out for me doesn't feel the need to put a moose in
front of my explorer....