2006-08-20 04:49:12 (UTC)


So, I had figured that nothing could ever happen with my
buddy Joe. Turns out, if we're both considerably
intoxicated, something can. This is not good. Definitely
not good.

Then again, it wasn't so bad. . . . Good holy crap am I
ever confused.

So I went out with dude and a bunch of his work friends.
Then all the work friends left. Eep.

The problem with alcohol is the lack of common sense. I
mean, I like Joe, I like him a lot. I would have done
something earlier if I had thought it would go well. And
now I've gone and done something despite the fact that it
just. does. not. make. sense. I am thoroughly confused.
The big "this is not a good idea" barrier just went down.
And maybe the "this is not a good idea" barrier is in fact
a bad thing to begin with. Aagh. So confused.

I am curious as to how this will work out.

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