Nick's Journal
2006-08-19 16:13:03 (UTC)

So Many Things So Little Time!

well i haven't had much chance to write the past two weeks,
mainly because i have been busy with the following three
things (all within a week's time):
getting married
moving 2,000 miles
starting law school

in that order.

the wedding was the most unbelievable and beautiful event i
have ever been a part of (which makes it twice as sweet as
it was all for me and juliann). i have to say that i wasn't
really nervous at all (except for when everyone kept on
asking, 'are you nervous' prepared for this when you
get married, it get's fucking annoying) and i really was
able to enjoy the whole thing. a lot of people tell me that
'it's all a blur' when you get married, but that didn't seem
the case at all. i had such a great time at the reception
afterwards and i thought the ceremony was just amazing and
that it didn't take so long that our guests were freaking out.

really i couldn't have possibly have asked for a better
wedding and a more lovely person to get married to. juli
looked absolutely amazing in her dress and i started to see
the whole, 'you can't see the dress until you get married'
deal. it was just awesome to be genuinely stunned as you
see your beautiful bride come down the stairs towards you.

the after party was a hit (although i wasn't there first
hand) and security only had to come once i believe.

my only regret was that it was so close to our move. i was
fretting about getting everything ready (and getting ready
for law school) that once the wedding was over, i was
constantly thinking about our next phase during our
"honeymoon" (aka 1 day at the beach).

our trip was really uneventful i have to admit. other than
us paying $30 to the post office so that they could smash
all of our plates into tiny little pieces, it wasn't that
frustrating. seriously, what's the fucking deal with the
post office? it just seems like a better idea to try and
throw the plates 2,000 miles and see if they make it.
christ, i mean can't they just not demolish something? ugh!
and it was so fucking lame when that bitch at the post
office put the priority mail stickers on it. she scooted it
down of the scale and you can just hear a "krsh" and as i'm
staring at her she just sort of shrugs and has this, "we're
the united states fucking postal service, what's the big
deal bitch? what are you going to do...bankrupt us? oh!
that'll be $30!!!"

then onto law school. over the past two days at orientation
i have met some genuinely cool and interesting people (and
this is coming from a misanthrope). although, there have
also been some exceedingly odd people. like yesterday we
were discussing as to whether or not we could defend someone
who was obviously guilty in a criminal court case. we all
gave our answers and then this weird dude who was sullen the
whole night just sort of pipped up (his name was gary by the
way. gary. what a fucking lame ass name.)and said,
"well what if you can't do it out of certain (he accentuated
certain) reasons. like you know, if you've been molested as
a child."
now normally that seems at least somewhat normal, i mean
it's just a normal question right? but the thing was gary
looked and had said it in a manner so that you got the
feeling that he was referring to himself. after a bit of
uncomfortable squirming our law professor said,
"well um...gary..i suppose that you could state your claim
and i'm sure, something could be worked out."
then he gave gary this, 'please god don't tell me you're in
my section' look and turned the conversation to someone less

believe it or not i am genuinely excited for law school to
start. what i'm not excited about are all of these crazed
law students. they are all so terrified of this experience!
if i could count the number of times i heard complaining of
how hard the cases were to read or how they just didn't like
the socratic method i wouldn't be able to even go to law
school! it just seems to me that fear is an unnecessary
hinderance in this whole thing, i mean so what if you screw only have a $40,000 in debt! oh wait...
yeah i am a good deal nervous about fucking up, but then
again i think i'd have to be deranged to not be. it just
seems stupid to let that nervousness manifest itself in an
utter distaste for the process that i will need to go
through for the next three years.

i'm excited for law school and it seems like most of the
people there are cool. one major problem i had was that i
couldn't recollect the name of the guy i thought was the
cooleset. he was this foreigner and i SWEAR TO GOD he said
his name was jeblome. you know like 'heywood jeblome', ahahaha.
not funny. because now i don't know if his name is
pronounced slightly differently and i had just gotten it in
my head that, 'hey that sounds like heywood jeblome'. i
guess i can always grunt at him as greeting until i get his
name again.
i also got to meet this girl who is married, you see it's
kind of weird to hang out with 'married' people. they
always strike me as separate and apart from 'normal, single'
people. like i was talking to this guy at the law school
about his wife and 15 mth old daughter and actually saying
shit like, "so do you use disposal diapers or the cloth?"
jesus h. christ. that's good for one surprise nut trample!

but anyhow, i'm looking forward to this year. i guess i
will be using this journal to keep my sanity. until then!