Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2006-08-19 03:17:20 (UTC)

Fighting Like OL times!

Well, Matt just called me and he is mad cause I told him i
prob wouldnt be able to come to visit him again in
October...I mean its really not that far off and I am going
to be quite busy, school is starting up next week! Its just
that I don't have money saved and I dont know if i would
have the time...So he gets all mad and I'm like I didnt do
anything do not be mad at me! and he was like I'm not mad
at you I'm mad at the situation.....Well, Matthew I didnt
put us in this situation now did I! He was like if you was
in my postion you would be mad too. I am sorry. I told him
I"m supporting myself, you, and Our child...so why are yyou
going to bitch about me not being able to come down there
to visit. Its really not all my fualt. So he gets all mad
and won't talk to me...So i tell him look i'm not going to
sit on the phone and pay 45 cents a min to listen to you
breathe so he is all fine i'm going to go Not if you'll
acctually talk to me then dont go. Then he gets all Mad and
we hang up...No I love you's or nothing. Well, that was on
Wensday and he just called me today acting all cool and
shit. I was like why you act like we didnt even fight! He
was like if your going to keep bitchen about it then I'm
going to hang up and i was like then hang up puss you aint
going to fucking hang up on me, you care to damn much not
to listen to wat I have to fucking say! and he was like yea
your right so what do you have to say...And i was like WELL
since your going to be bigg f*ing Jerk I'm going to come
down there! But...you don't ask me for a dime not even a
penny these next to months! He was like alright its a deal.
So lmao thats how we worked out are bueatiful bueatiful
fight! lmao! Still the same old us even though we are miles
apart!!!! Lots of love to my responders


Update on Kaden....

Starting to crawl! YAYAYAY!! he is going to be 6 months!
what is that! Thats half a year! Where did my lil man
go!!!! Well, He is growing up so fast! I can't believe I
swear i was just bitchen about being a week over due
yesterday! I LOVE HIM SOO F*ING MUCH! LMAO!! He is my lil
G! Lol well thats my update I know it wasnt much he goes to
the doctor on the 22nd so I'll update again!

Lots of love