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2006-08-18 19:32:33 (UTC)

New Beginnings

John and I are about to buy a Townhome. The only glitch
seems to be on my end. I need to get my Mother to
understand that we can do this and wer're not throwing lots
of money down the drain. Well, both of my parents really.

She is so sure that we're speding too much money and
something bad will happen. John's parents and he and I
have decided a big part of it is that we're not married

Our plan was to get married next summer but now we're
considering getting married this month. That is if it will
benifit us this tax year. If not we might wait.

I know she's worried about the monthly payments too. If we
cut out all of our going out to eat and play then we can do
it. We have furnishings. Well, if we can take my bed then
we do. He has everything else.

She was alright with the plan when she first found out.
Then she came back and changed her mind. She pulled out
all of the past cards. Going on about how my parents let
me choose which college to go to, who to date and they put
up with my current job. So it was not a fun evening.

Tonight we're going to go over the budget and print
something out for her. We're also going to use last years
info and see what our taxes would look like. We're going
to get a really big check due to the interest on our loan.
I don't fully recall how it works but it does.

We can use the refund to pay for a few months of payment.

The place we're going to get is at a conversion. That
means it was an apartment complex that has been turned into
condos and townhomes. The complex was built about 4 years
ago I think. We get to pick any upgrades we want so we can
customize it. We've decided to only upgrade the carpet.
The standard carpet was pretty thin.

The townhouse has two bedrooms on the top floor, a kitchen
and dining/living room on the main floor and a two car
tandem garage below. The cost is similar to any of the
resale places we've seen.

My Mother brought up the fact that my brother and his wife
spent $150,000 on their three bedroom house in West
Seattle. What she fails to take into consideration is that
was 5 years ago. It's worth $220,000 now. Plus we looked
into condos in that area and the prices are the same.

There is no real way to spend less unless we get a place
without a garage. The garage will help us a lot when we
sell the place in 5 or so years. People looking for places
are going to want the extra space and parking.

All this has had me SO worried this week.

My Mother is gone for the weekend so we'll have to run this
by her on Sunday. I'm not sure what time she gets back
though. John will be able to tell her more. I always
forget key information when I try to re-tell things. If
need be we can bring in his Father too. His parents are
all for this whole thing.

They understand that we're making a good investment. As
soon as the whole complex is sold out the value of our
place goes up a little. And if the market goes like it has
recently then it will keep increasing a good amount in a
year. They also DON'T want him to rent.

My Mother wanted us to find a place that was cheaper or to
rent and save money. The problem is that renting doesn't
save us a whole lot of money. It certainly won't save us
enough to have a downpayment. So we should just act now
before it's gone and we have to pay more for a place.

If we get a cheaper place then we have to do work on it and
might not get that money back when se sell it.

So we're thinking we'll get married this month. Hopefully
that would get her to calm down. If we buy this month
through one of their prefered lenders we get a $6,000 buyer
bonus. That would cover closing costs.

So please think happy thoughts for us and lift this up to
whatever or whoever you believe in. Thanks!