Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-08-16 04:15:55 (UTC)

One day I'll learn.

That I gotta stop trying to date gorgeous women

All I want to do, is fall madly, visciously, and
completely, fall in love.

Well, 2 dates in 5 days, 2 firm denile's for
2nd dates, and 2 women way the hell out of my

very cool, lots of laughs, they were fun, niether
however, seemed to like me, well, not the way
I liked both of them and like it's any damned
surprise, I'm once again, still trying to find
someone, who will give me a chance.

Hell, the only reason I even went on the one
tonight was simply because I knew that I wasn't
going ever get a chance at a second with the
first one. Which is too bad, but what can you do?

The second girl, I've been talking to for months
online, and she finally agreed to a date, it
went well, but niether of us felt much chemistry.

I thought maybe, if we tried a second one, where
niether of us would be nervous about meeting the
other something might click. But, she declined.

Not surprising really. I'm completely her type,
but not where it evidentally counts, in the looks
department. Blah.. It wasn't like she was my
ideal either, but, I thought maybe since we did
have a connection, she'd try. But, to no avail.

I doubt she'd appreciate poetry anyways, very
few do. Jenni does, which was nice, I hope she
finds someone who'll treat her right, she'd been
down the road to hell and back, and deserves some
good karma.

I swear this time (going on 999 times) I'm going
to stop trying to date beautiful, witty, and
intelligent women. I don't know if my poor
fragile ego can take anymore of the constant
thrashing it's been through as of late.

If I wasn't a fat bastard, I'd be dating
at least one of them.

I am so far, far too hard on myself sometimes.
But truth is, you can't force chemistry, either
it's there, or it simply isn't.

I hedge my bets, hope for the best, and
put my heart, soul, and ego out on a limb.

And then I get burned. I'm giving up.

ok, that's a lie.

There's always next year...

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