2006-08-16 01:15:28 (UTC)

Some Examples

Here are some of the photographs I cataloged today:

**A series of photographs, including some very dramatic ones
taken at night, showing the Oregon Capital dome on fire in 1935.

** Two undated photos of unidentified Native Americans. One
showed three women with beaded bandoliers and belts, a
little girl wearing a calico dress, and a boy with his head
shorn, wearing a shirt and overalls. The second photo showed
two unidentified, fierce looking Native American men with
pony bead breastplates, beaded belts and mocassins, and
beaded vests with eagle feathers in their braids.

** A photo of a lumber mill taken in 1905. With a
magnifying glass I was able to make out two small children
and a dog standing in the road next to the mill, staring
directly at the camera.

** A photo taken in 1888 of a Chinese laundry in downtown Salem.

** A postcard of the Eugene millrace, which looked quite
wild, not anything like it looks now, with a couple in a
rowboat dated 1890. The millrace is on the University of
Oregon campus, where I went to college.

** A postcard showing steam powered threshers in a wheat
field taken in 1910. The message on the back was from "Flo"
to a friend of hers saying that next year she would be
cooking for such a threshing crew and here was a postcard
showing what these machines looked like.

** A postcard dated 1906 with a drawing of flowers and the
message: "Dear wife, We have staked our claim. It was hard
but we got here okay. I received your letter. Will write to
you soon. Love, husband."

Can you understand why I love this job so?