48 shades of darkness
2006-08-16 00:59:50 (UTC)

No Victory

As I walk aroud this town I find theres nothing more to be
found, Cant keep my head up straight, looking down is how
I'm found digging through pieces to get things right,
Still never ending as I walk alone
As I look I can not see all the things inside me finding a
way out this body to let you know...
Keep on walking just to hide myself from this life, dont
want to be seen again, I just want to pretend things will
work out right. As I see how they go I guess I'll never
Come to the end of this line turn around and still couldn't
find myself along the way,still lost in all the silence of
a heartbeat that was never there.
Looking back all I see are the memories, to look forward I
see no truth in these lies of the world.
Crawling now I see myself in the gutter all alone, used and
abused with no light to look forward to. No light to keep
me on my feet, nothing there for me to be, in the darkness
I find myself, once again with no victory over this.