2006-08-16 00:11:02 (UTC)

Gilmore Girls and a Fruit Cup

i like it here. there's light and shadow and you walk
everywhere and there's people doing all kinds of things
everywhere you look and people sitting on their porches and
saying hello and there's a park where there's always kids
playing basketball and when you walk into the square you can
smell a million different kinds of food and incense and
there's people from all over the world with all different
accents and it's so much different from the place i came
from. for the first time in my life i don't feel stifled, i
feel like i can breathe. i can feel something here,
possibility? inspiration? it's something that's waking up
inside me, little by little, something that's been lying
comatose and dormant for years but it's alive now, and it's
making me come to life with it. nothing's really happened
yet, but something has begun, and there's so much more
that's on its way. i don't feel excited, i don't feel
scared, i don't feel anxious. i just feel, for the
first time. and that's all it is.