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2006-08-15 16:23:27 (UTC)

the basic jist of the summer...

sooo much to update you all on!

i'll sumarise this summer, and write in detail at a later

-the holiday in zante was amazing. not as good as malia,
but still damn fucking good.
-sara's officialy gone from the group. man, it feels weird
writing that, but yup. basically, LG ended her friendship
with her, because she found out just how much sara had
bitched about her. then matt falls out with the group,
because he's a gutless, spineless, immature, pathetic son
of a bitch. sara keeps on choosing him over us, so we cut
off contact with her. she's gone. it only seems like me, lg
and ben are sticking to out guns when it comes to the whole
situation, because katie, katie b & amy still talk to them.
ah well. what can ya do?
-me and ben had an argument with matt, which ended matt's
time in the group. i said something about his boyfriend
(jack), which he didn't appreciate for whatever reason, he
stormed off, me and ben confronted him, asking what he's
playing at these days, and he stormed off, instead of
addressing the situation...like a child. we don't have the
time of day for him now, although i still think ben's
rather hurt by it all (he won't let on he is...obviously)
-momma & lee are constantly arguing. what a surprise. i
can't see them lasting much longer than 2-3 months. i
really can't
-saw sophie last night, and i wasn't impressed. she didn't
really make an effort to speak to me. she was too busy
dancing with sara and matt, and just generally being fake
as fuck. specialy with the fags she was smoking. pathetic.
-mine and katie's friendship has gone down hill, ever since
the holiday. you could literally make a video package and
compare our fabulous friendship before the holiday, to our
lackluster friendship after. she's being ok over the past 2-
3 days, but still...things won't ever be the same
-applied for a job at Bairstow Eves (sales negotiator), and
they've got back to me. by the sounds of it, she wanted me
to do the part-time saturday job, but i said i'd prefer the
full-time job. she said she'd sent an application out in
the post, and i've got to apply again, quickly. if i get
the job, i'll put off going to college for another year.
you can go whenever, at the end of the day. it's about time
i had some money. i need to pay people back, because
certain people are getting rather annoyed, i think. of
course, they never say it to my face, but hey...what can ya
-the group is pretty alright at the moment. amy's as self-
absorbed as ever. lg's just...lg. ben's alright, but
there's still times he does my tits in. i've talked about
the katie sitch...and sara's no longer with us.

i'll give a more in-depth entry as to the latest goss soon.


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