Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
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2006-08-15 04:30:09 (UTC)

Smooth Moves

I dont know why i worry about my fiance so much. I worry
that when he isnt with me he's with someone else. i jealous
when i see the comments on his myspace, i can only imagine
what is actual notes must say. chicks throwing their
panties at him. I fucking hate those ex-boyfriends for
this, part of me thinks that i have no reason to be
suspicious but the other part is always that way. you know
watching waiting for him to fuck up. but today and
yesterday we had the most amazing sex and most amazing time
together and each time we speak and see each other i feel
better and i can feel myself trusting him more. then he's
gone and it fades slowly away. he is good to me, he does
what he can and i know that if he was able he would do
more. I do so much for him and i love him so much it hurts
sometimes. i dont know how i got like this. i was good at
not caring and everything but now im am so open im scare
shitless. i have never met anyone like him and he makes me
feel so special. Its been a long time since i have been
someone who makes me feel like this. I just hope he dont
fuck up. Hugs ttyl